Anna Pratt and I did a Multiple Movements training in Philadelphia last week. The Regional Director, Dave Moles, had everyone introduce themselves, he asked them to give the name of a campus or contextualized community that they were trusting God to launch in the Spring semester. There were at least 35 different campuses or communities mentioned by the 40 plus in attendance.

  • Ashley is doing graduate ministry at Penn State. He is trusting God to launch a ministry at Pittsburgh.
  • Andy, also at Penn State is looking at launching at Lock Haven.
  • There was Seton Hall, Georgetown, George Washington University and West Point.
  • Impact, Greek ministry and Bridges International were mentioned.
  • Jim Hocker, with Valor, received an email while we were there. A woman asked about starting a ministry on a campus where we have been prevented from starting anything before. Mike Miller, the regional Valor representative, has already made contact and they have ordered a “Getting Started Kit”.

We need to be intentional about launching new movements. There are many things already in our schedule that will cry for our attention. Launching does take time, but it is valuable work. We multiply our efforts when we do. Consider the gift mix on your team. Some are more natural launchers than others. Let’s free them up to be able to launch. Why not plan now which days you will specifically focus on launching in the first weeks of the Spring semester.

Phil Floyd, Pittsburgh Metro and Southwestern PA area director, told me about a ministry that was launched this Fall at Mount Aloysius College. He had tried to get something started a couple of years ago and was not able. Last Spring, he received a call from an interested student. Phil already knew of a professor there that had been a student at IUP and was a grad student in our ministry at Pittsburgh. Phil met with both of them and they planned to start in the Fall. Phil also met with a Sister and Priest on campus who had some initial concerns, but were fine with them starting.

During the first week of classes they handed out 100 FSKs. 60 positive surveys were returned, and from them a half dozen aligned leaders have emerged. A Bible study of 10-15 meets regularly. Several student women have driven the hour to connect with some women’s events at IUP. One student went to the fall retreat and 4 are registered for the Christmas Conference. An intern visits Mount Aloysius 1-2 times a month and phone coaches the junior student leader the rest of the time.

Phil was quick to point out that there is not a bad time to track down potential leads in an effort to launch ministries. Though there had been other attempts before, the faculty sponsorship and the aligned student leaders were key to a successful launch and a student-led ministry. Here are some more posts on launching.


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