Every Student Sent

I happened to be a part of some meetings last week on the topic of Every Student Sent. We often think about sending as it relates to students coming on staff, or doing an internship or STINT. These are what we would call, “Kingdom Called, Staff Ready, Staff Called”. But we will graduate many, possibly 1/3 to 1/2 of our students, who could consider themselves “Kingdom Called, Staff Ready, Not Staff Called”? This meeting focused on these. You will hear more in the coming months. But if you take time here before break or in the first weeks of January before school starts to plan out next semester, I would like to give you two things to think about.


  • Identify your “Kingdom Called, Staff Ready, Not Staff Called” students, or those who have already graduated that you remain in touch with.
  • Consider the profession, passions and place where these graduates will go.
  • Are there some that you could ask to be part of a Missional Team upon graduation? Possibly, enough of them will settle in a city together that they could go minister as a team.


  • Consider what you would do if a such a Missional Team came within your scope. What would you do if some volunteers showed up with ministry experience, some training, and a heart for the Lord and for reaching the lost.
  • Knowing that their availability may be limited and they are in new surroundings, are there ways to involve them in what your are already doing?  Could they disciple students on a campus?  In the absense of a leader, could they lead an Essentials study?  Could they help launch a ministry?
  • In a new city, with a new job, the continuity that you provide by putting them in a familiar ministry experience, could minister to them as much as their help ministers to you and your students.

As you think about this, be creative. This will require innovation and probably different criteria for operation. Eric Swanson, in his article on “Improving Your Creativity“, tells how to generate new ideas.

  • Learn to challenge the status quo.
  • Get as much information as you can.
  • Learn what works well in one area and see how it carries over to your context.
  • Work hard.
  • Be willing to risk failure.
  • Leave room for the miraculous.

This kind of creativity and innovation is absolutely necessary if we expect to launch 4000 ministries in the next four years. Sending and receiving Missional Teams of graduate students has incredible potential to help us launch the kind of ministries we need to in order to reach our scope.


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