Jesus Without Religion study

Many of you have read Rick James’ recent book Jesus Without Religion. Feedback from those who have been using it for give-aways and Freshmen Survival Kits shows that it has been a winner. Leslie Bridge, Mid-Atlantic Forerunner, told me this week she had been handing it out at info tables and thought that it could be useful as a basis of discussion in studies. She already knew that as non-believers read the book they were able to see who Jesus is and the need to respond to Him. If Christians liked it, they could do studies themselves with their friends.

With that in mind, Leslie developed, with editing by Rick James, some discussion questions for each chapter of Jesus Without Religion. The study has been posted on GodSquad. Leslie writes,

I think it is an easy thing for students to use to follow up the contacts from an info table or activities fair on campus. I also think students could easily invite some of their non-believing friends to do a study with them on the book. It is a good tool for just about anyone to use to launch movements on an existing campus or to open new campuses.

Something like 16,500 Jesus Without Religion books were purchased this year for the FSKs and info table give-aways. Leslie told me, “Now that I have read the book two times, I am ready to read it again. I think it is that good.” Maybe it is time for me pull it out and see for myself.


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