Links to useful websites

With all of the websites we have in the US Campus Ministry it is hard to remember them all and to know which ones are used for which purposes. Althought I have sent this tip out before, Joe Hanford, Overflow Show, said that I should send it annually as a reminder.

Ethnic Ministry websites:

Evangelism websites:


  • There is a staff page on GodSquad.  You will need the userid and password that you use for other CCC sites.
  • The Resource Center on the Campus Staff site.  Go to Resource Center, then to Lanes/Lines, then Catalytic Resources, then Staff Resources, then Catalytic Field Training, then Look, Launch, and Lead
  • Nebraska Catalytic launching movements videos.
  • The San Francisco Metro website.
  • An e-learning tool for launching ministries.
  • There are lots of blogs out there as well. Here are just a few.
    • Tyler Zach shares his thoughts.
    • Blog of’s Jerry Hertzler. The July 2nd entry is not for the squemish!
    • Okay, so I added this one as a shameless plug!

You probably have your own list of favorites that you like to pass on to your leaders. If not, consider this list as a starting point.


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