Fireseed Anthology team

I had a fascinating conversation with Melinda Carter recently. She and the Fireseed Anthology team in Austin, Texas are a contextualized, post-modern STINT team, focusing specifically on ministry to post-moderns. Many of those they are seeking to reach tend to be outside of most of our typical ministry efforts. Melinda says that they want “to pioneer new ways of communicating the gospel to those who might not respond to traditional forms of ministry.”

As you read Melinda’s blog, The Fireseed Anthology Blogyou will notice several creative initiatives.

  • First is a specific focus on those in the arts community. The Red Cube Project is one such effort that incorporates prayer and art.
  • A second emphasis is learning about those whose normal or exclusive means of learning and sharing is oral. Increasingly, many in our society are not able to read or write or chose not to. The Austin team believes that post-modern students will be more responsive to this kind of communication.
  • Another effort of this team is with Good News/Good Deeds. Many of us found that as non-Christians joined our Katrina relief efforts, they were more responsive to the Gospel. Incorporating Good News/Good Deeds efforts creates an environment where non-Christians can serve as well as observe Christians in action, seeing our motivation and watching the Body of Christ minister to the whole person.

During these 40 days of Prayer and Fasting, the stint team is partnering with a ministry called Austin House of Prayer. Different churches are joining them for prayer. As they rally Christians to pray, they anticipate the work God will do within their hearts to be the ones most likely to be the answer to their own prayers, participating in a ministry of serving and reconciliation.

There may be many in our ministries who have a heart for creatives or the gift of mercy and would be interested in more about what the Fireseed Anthology team is doing. It will be interesting to watch this year as they experiment with new approaches.


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