Finding Freshmen

Last week I talked about connecting with freshmen Tyler Zach, Omaha Metro and Greek Movement, wrote to tell me that he had an easy way to find freshman using Facebook. He did say to exercise care in how often and the way we invite others to our activities, otherwise it could be perceived as spam.


Under the advanced search feature, you can select to see all the students who graduated high school last spring… Or see the students who say that they are going to graduate college in 2011.
Here are the steps:

  • Login to facebook
  • Click the word “Search” on the left side bar (without typing in anything to search for)
  • Click “Advanced” on the right side of the screen right above “Search the profiles of people you can see”
  • You’ll see the option “Search Within”. To the right of that change the “My Networks & Friends” to the college you work on (i.e. UNO, UNL, etc.)
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see search option “HS Year”. Select “2007”. This will allow you to find everyone who graduated high school in 2007.
  • Click “Advanced Search” – blue button on the bottom of the screen to fetch your results.

FYI: You can do other searches as well (i.e. Search for people who put “God” in their interests, Search for people who put “Christian” under religion, etc.)


One campus found 1000 students who said they were going to graduate college in 2011. Given the relational nature of a medium like Facebook, we can go beyond just sending invitations to our meetings. Let’s enjoy getting to know incoming freshmen, learning what they value and desire, while entering into relationship. For it is in relationship that others see the truth lived out in us.

Os Guinness says in Long Journey Home, “[J]ust as a sip of wine can be suggestive of the grapes, the vineyard, and the soil behind it, so even a sampling of ideas can point to issues far beyond the topics discussed. Will our discussion be offensive to some? Unavoidably. It isn’t fashionable to affirm that differences make a difference, that ideas have consequences, that contrast is the mother of clarity–but such perspectives are vital both to the welfare and durability of our civilization and to every seeker’s personal integrity…” Guinness is talking about bring faith into conversation with a skeptic. Most of our audience is skeptical. But we have all seen the difference that having a great conversation over a cup of coffee can make in bringing down walls. For more, see “Developing Friendships of Integrity“. 


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