First conversation of the year with leaders

This is a busy time of the year. We are all focused on getting ministries up and running again, connecting with incoming freshmen and using this unique window of opportunity to launch new ministries. It’s easy to forget some details as we coach our student leaders. My desk is right next to Eric Dellaire, Student LINC consultant at large in the NorthEast and Great Lakes regions. I’ve been hearing bits of his conversations with some of his leaders and asked him if I could share with you the main points he is emphasizing in his first phone appointments.

1. Plan a “Rah Rah” time with campus leaders.

  • This is meant to rally the troops and to cast vision for the year. We want to get as many leaders as possible together. He does require the leadership team to attend.
  • This is usually an overnight or an afternoon time just before classes start.
  • They will discuss the key areas of ministry: prayer, evangelism, small groups and group bonding.
  • Breakout sessions are for discussing ideas to develop the ministry and to plan the first social.

2. Set up a Freshman Survival Kit distribution.

  • Train the students to do each aspect from set up to distribution to follow up.

3. Set up the first party of the year.

  • Hand out flyers at the FSK distribution or the survey.
  • Make sure the involved students know that the party is for connecting. Talk with them about intentionally building relationships. Make sure there is an ice breaker and mixer so that there is lots of interpersonal interaction.

4. Plan the first meeting, if they have one.

  • Talk about delegating responsibilities

5. Look on GodSquad for Bible studies.

6. A freshman and sophomore strategy

  • Freshmen are most accessible and have the longest time to develop as leaders. Eric tells his leaders to get to them before they get “too smart to make dumb choices.” 
  • See also The Freshman Difference 

This is what Eric focuses on as he gets his campuses started. The emphasis is on finding and connecting new students. Even though his leaders are busy these first few weeks, they tell him this is very do-able. Eric has other priorities he tells his leaders after the ministries are up and running.


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