40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

No doubt you have read Barbara Francis’ and Sam Osterloh’s emails and you have probably seen the Facebook posts on Prayer and Fasting. I have enjoyed reading some of what others are planning to do.

  • Jason Weimer wrote that he and Maria are doing a media fast.
  • Like so many others, Daniel Curran says that they are asking Bay Area student leaders to read the new Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening.
  • The National Campus Office has a different person leading a prayer focus every day.
  • Melinda Carter, with the Fireseed Anthology team in Austin, Texas, will have a good news/good deeds focus this year. But they will take the first 40 days to partner with a ministry called House of Prayer in Austin and other churches as they pray and fast to prepare the ground for sowing.

Let me encourage you and your team to participate in some way in this 40 day emphasis. We all know the role of prayer in our ministries is important. But often when we get busy, prayer is the first thing to be set aside. With all that we are hoping to see happen with new ministries launched, connecting incoming freshman and seeing students lead in evangelism, we are desparate for God to open doors of effective ministry. I look forward to hearing what God does in response to believing prayer.

Here are some prayer resources on GodSquad that you may find helpful.


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