If you are in the US, I want to give you advance notice about a site that I hope will bring us many contacts for our ministries in the next few weeks. Here are a few things that I think are helpful for us to know.

  • We are partnering with Youth Transition Network. 2650 of our ministries have already been imported to LiveAbove, including each contextualized emphasis and the Forerunner campuses where a specific contact is listed. Because the information is being uploaded periodically, we want to make sure that we keep all of our ministries and contact info on the infobase current. This may seem tedius, but it will only benefit you and your ministries.
  • All ministries for a specific campus are listed together. The site is active today with generic content for all of our ministries. A local leader that you designate will be given a password so that you can customize each ministry on LiveAbove with photos, content and contact info. You may want to delegate this to someone who has a heart for publicizing their ministry or the webmaster for your own ministry. The template on the site is sufficient by itself, but as you customize your ministry pages, you will be able to distinguish yourselves from other ministries. Password information will be emailed you in a week or two.
  • May I suggest sending an email with the link for LiveAbove to your ministry partners. Chances are they know someone going away to college. If just half of our partners knew of an incoming freshman, think how many contacts you could get. Last year, a field test of LiveAbove was conducted in Arizona. Several ministries at the University of Arizona doubled in size due to the students getting connected this way.
  • Finally, is focused on getting high school graduates connected to a ministry. The sponsoring agency has another site, designed to help youth workers and parents inspire students to get involved. It is sobering how few Christian high school students get involved in a ministry after graduation. 50,000 churches will participate in a Be Prepared campaign in November as they recognize the need to help high school seniors transition to the next place in their spiritual journey.

You will be hearing more about LiveAbove in the coming weeks and months. But we well know that the first week on campus is the most crucial for an incoming freshman. That week is upon us. Dan Hardaway (Strategic Partnerships), Todd Gross (The Lab) and Matt Booker (Pacific Southwest) have worked this summer to help us capture this opportunity.


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