Student Venture’s List of Values and Skills

Our Student LINC team has benefitted this year by the addition of two coaches from the Student Venture Coaching Center. Where my desk is, I sometimes overhear Scott Bartelt and Dave Meritt on their coaching conversations with volunteers. One day someone referred to some basic training skills expected of staff and volunteers. Dave sent me this list from a Student Venture task force a couple of years ago. These skills were prioritized by SV staff and included definitions for most of the list. To make it more readable, I removed the definitions, except for those that needed clarification.

Best Practices for Building Spiritual Movements

Core Spiritual Values for Campus Ministry

  1. The Great Commission
  2. Identity in Christ
  3. God’s Role in Ministry
  4. Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  5. Parable of the Soils (The balance of broad sowing and results in campus ministry)
  6. Adventures in Faith (Concepts in faith and initiative in evangelism, discipleship, boldness, trusting God, etc.)
  7. Why High School Campus Ministry is Strategic
  8. Love for Students

Basic “Most Useful” Skills

  1. Share the gospel with a student and ask for a decision
  2. Relate to and connect with students
  3. Set up and conduct a target group outreach (also how to talk with a coach or teacher)
  4. Conduct a personal appointment with a student
  5. Follow-up new believers
  6. How to make prayer central in Building Movements
  7. How to explain SV to a parent, teacher an administrator
  8. How to use “school within the school” tool (Able to communicate the purpose and place of SV at a student’s school and the value to them personally)
  9. Teach the ministry of the Holy Spirit
  10. Gather a discipleship group (challenging a student to a discipleship group)
  11. Map the campus
  12. Train students to share their faith
  13. Study and teach the Word
  14. How to lead a discipleship group
  15. How to identify key kids on campus and connect with them
  16. Cast vision and ask for a response
  17. How to develop a Campus Plan
  18. Recruit a student to a conference
  19. Preparing and using your testimony in ministry
  20. Help a student prepare a personal testimony

Additional Skills suggested by SV staff from their surveys

  1. How to recruit other workers to reach students (ie volunteers, interns)?
  2. Train students to lead in the movement
  3. Set up and run a SV meeting
  4. How to challenge a student to the next level of growth
  5. How to prepare and give a public talk
  6. How to develop a donor team for my ministry
  7. Talk with a school administrator
  8. Set up and conduct an adult info meeting
  9. Learning how to get students to set up appointments for you
  10. Gather Christian students for a leadership team
  11. Discern student’s needs
  12. Minister to a student by using the Word
  13. Identify and execute on a priority
  14. Teach others to do WBS ministry

Obviously, some skills are specific to high school ministry. But what I liked here was how they expected their volunteers to be able to minister to students and embody the same values and skills that they require of their staff. If our ministry is ever going to significantly impact campuses outside our present span of care, we will need to get much better at recruiting and training volunteers. If you are interested in seeing the definitions of these skills, contact our office at 1 (800) 678-5462. For more on working with volunteers, here are two somewhat dated articles from the Campus Staff Site Resource Center.


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