Picture of a Leader

Last week, I sent out a tip on “Passing the Baton“. But let’s step back a bit to ask “To whom are we passing the baton?” Picking the right leader is more important than what we are asking them to do. Rick Pridey, Sioux Empire Catalytic, wrote me after last week’s tip to say that he is using another resource to help current leaders think about future leadership candidates. He writes,

Predictably, students tend toward a “lower bar” like “She’s got a good heart”. We’ve also been talking about the need for potential leaders to be “mission aligned”, since this has been a challenge all year at SMSU (with servant team, but not shepherd team leaders). For that reason, we are also going back to a single, core leadership team, rather than a tiered structure of servant team (emerging leaders) and shepherd team. This was really the current shepherd team students’ idea, as it allows them more consistent opportunity to influence the next generation of leaders, offer potential for better communication, etc.

Rick attached the Shepherd Team Application that the Sioux Empire team uses on most of their campuses. This is the result of feedback from both staff and students and several years of refinement. The application is for the highest core level of leaders, the most involved students. The entire application is here.  Here are exerpts.

Shepherd Team Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for leadership with Campus Crusade for Christ.  Our heart is to develop and enable our leaders so that you will be confident, excited and equipped to lead others.  We realize there are many things that compete for your time and attention and we are grateful that you are considering offering some of that time in serving God through this ministry.  As you go through this application, realize that you are agreeing to make leadership with Campus Crusade a priority in your life. 

The information below and the questions asked should give you an idea of what will be expected of you as a CCC student leader.

The Shepherd team is a core group of mission aligned students committed to knowing God and making Him known by spiritually leading in varying capacities on campus.

Responsibilities and expectations

As a ministry team leader (Cru, Worship, Evangelism, Prayer, etc) on the Shepherd Team, you will be expected to lead your team spiritually and in planning movement events. You must keep your fellow movement leaders thinking about the role of your team and its importance to the overall movement as it relates to our mission of turning lost students into Christ centered laborers.

As a Target Area team leaders on the Shepherd Team, you will be expected to lead your team spiritually by turning lost students into Christ centered laborers in your Target Area. You are the one who leads in giving intentional prayer, evangelism, discipleship and planning toward reaching all the students of your target area. The list below is not a requirement, but is a realistic estimate of the time commitment of a Campus Crusade for Christ Shepherd team leader:

  • Attend weekly Cru meetings (2hr)
  • Attend all Shepherd team meetings (1.5hr)
  • Lead Team/Bible Study/TA meeting (1.5hr)
  • Preparation (1hr)
  • Personal Evangelism and Discipleship (1.5hr)
  • Total time commitment7.5 hr
  • Attend Fall Retreats, Spring Retreats and TCX Christmas Conferences.
  • Attend a CCC summer training venue (Summer Project, Trek, etc).
  • Attend 2 Leadership Retreats per year.
  • Seek to attend other social functions and special events, as it is reasonable.

Mission, Vision, Values

As a shepherd team member, you will be expected to be supportive of:

  • the mission of “Turning Lost students into Christ Centered Laborers.”
  • the Sioux Empire vision of seeing God change lives through dynamic evangelistic movements on every corner of every campus, sending laborers to every segment of the world
  • initiative relational evangelism, demonstrated by faithfully responding to opportunities to be trained in and involved with personal evangelism and discipleship.
  • Campus Crusade for Christ’s statement of faith.

Some comments about the nature of some of the questions in the application. Since many of their campuses are being coached from a distance, questions about moral issues are asked. If the staff were more hands on, some questions could be addressed more face to face. But they are here so that there is a baseline understanding about Christian character. Also the questions about alcohol were agreed upon and, in at least one case, was tightened up even more by the current local student shepherd team. I like that the issues are raised and that assumptions are not made.


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