Week by week coaching plan

Happy New Year and welcome to another semester of Coaching Tips. I enjoy sending sending weekly doses about what God is doing through many of our best practitioners in campus ministry. Together with you, I am looking forward to how God will use us all to reach more and more students on more and more campuses for Christ.

Our third son, Tom, followed in his older brothers’ paths by running cross country. As a ninth grader, his best 5K time was a respectable 18:29 and he enjoyed watching the top seven runners on the team win their fifth state championship in six years. But to get that level Tom ran over 500 miles during the summer. The coach is fond of saying that the boys do not initially understand this, but what they do in June makes a difference in how they will do in October. Planning and preparation are essential to outcome.

With that in mind, here is a week by week coaching plan for the Spring Semester. This is intended to help you not do the ministry yourself, but rather help you help others do the ministry. A coach does not play the game, but sets the team up for victory in the game.

Our pastor told a story last week of how he wanted to drive the motor boat when his family spent a week at the lake as a boy. His step-dad told him to very carefully get up and come back to put his hand on the tiller (steering handle). All the while his step-dad never took his hand off. After a minute, he told him, “There, now, you have driven a boat.” Arriving dejected back on shore, his grandfather, who tended to live a bit more wildly, told him about an island that needed exploring and that a boy his age would be great at exploring it. But to get there, he needed to take a boat over to that island. The way he told the story was humorous, but the confidence that his grandfather instilled in him were all part of the growing up process he experienced to be the pastor of our congregation of 10,000. It is not what I do, but what others do because of what I do, that is the test of my coaching, mentoring or discipling.

Having a plan will help us achieve success. If this one helps you, great. But maybe this will spur your thinking to develop your own coaching plan. If you open this on-line, you can link directly to many of the tools on Godsquad and other sites. The topics in bold face type are the key emphases for the week if time is short.


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