Person of Peace

Our Student LINC team is reading Neil Cole’s Organic Church. We have had some great discussions. Classic win, build and send. This week we read where Cole talks about going to those places where it might be difficult or where we may be uncomfortable. It is in those place that God might be already at work. The “person of peace” came to mind.

I remember back to a conversation I had with the president of one of the largest fraternities at the University of Rhode Island. I met him doing a student leadership questionnaire. He told me during the interview that he respected Christians because they had a contentment in life that he did not have. He pointed out that he rarely saw Jesus bumper stickers on BMWs, but often saw them on older clunkers. Here was someone that had some openness to what I was doing. But all I could to do was share the gospel with him and ask about doing a team meeting in his house. I wish I understood then what a “person of peace” was and how this president could possibly be one.

In his article, “Divinely Planted ‘People of Peace’ “, Tom Virtue, LA Metro, a Person of Peace for us is someone who is:

  • Receptive to Christ and the vision of getting His news out.
  • A person of reputation (good or bad)–they are known in the community.
  • A referencer–they have influence and can refer others to Christ.

Tom writes, “God has been there before we arrive and He has prepared those who will be players in seeing His kingdom spread on that campus.” and also, “God has people in place who will be receptive and be willing to use their reputation to help move our efforts ahead.” As we think about launching new ministries, whether on a different geographic campus or within a different community on a campus with an existing ministry, let us continue to look for those ‘divinely inspired people of peace”.


2 thoughts on “Person of Peace

  1. Gilbert Kingsley Post author

    Cool! It is a great book, Ricardo. I really like his faith-filled approach to ministry. Not just going through the motions, but stepping out in faith to take God at His Word. Blessings to you as you seek to allow God to use you in the lives of others.


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