Training in Evangelism

I was working on the basic concept for this tip this week when someone who used to be on my team sent me this article to read.  In it the author, Stephanie Grant, says, “My worldview has been shaped by many things. I can tell you my experiences, and I hope my stories will benefit the world. However, if I don’t tell you what my Savior says, what would I have done that would really change your worldview?”

Evangelism is difficult for most people. But those who regularly share their faith have learned to overcome fear. They are motivated by people’s need for a Savior. And they employ some very basic questions and skills. That is why I really like the Co-Journers Equipment Pack So often we talk about evangelism, without making it easy for our students to do evangelism. These cards address:

For example, one of the cards that talks about being a Guide is “Embarking Together”. It says a basic skill in evangelism is asking permission to tell our friend about Christ. Using the word “sometime” is a great way to ask permission. Questions like:

  • Sometime, can I tell you the difference that Jesus Christ has made in my life?
  • Sometime, can I get your opinion on a booklet that explains what it means to knowing God personally?
  • Sometime, would you be up for discussing what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

Very simple idea and easily communicated if we will take the time to train our students in some of these basic skills.

Why not consider purchasing the equipment pack for each of your leaders.  Or feel free to print the cards yourself.  And then why not take 10 minutes in each of your Bible studies or weekly meeting to cover the content on a card.  Here is a sample training plan that you can use.  Finally, why not print out these spiritual mapping cards and give one to each person involved in your ministry. Sometime this month, what do you say we see how many people we can talk with to find out where they have been, where they are and where they are going?


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