Assessing opportunities for emerging leaders

I was at a fall retreat a week ago and met with the student leaders from the various campuses attending. Someone asked about developing emerging leaders. I shared with them a grid that compares visibility with risk. What I like about this is that there can be a place for anyone to serve. Over time what a student can handle in terms of visiblity and risk may increase as they develop their gifts and abilities.

Here is a very helpful exercise that your student leadership teams can do:

  • Think through the various functions that need to occur any given week in their ministry.
  • Plot each function on the grid and notice which quadrant that it goes into.
  • Then begin to consider what level of risk and visibility students involved can handle.
  • Finally, delegate responsibilities to students.

Here is a picture of what this looks like.  


2 thoughts on “Assessing opportunities for emerging leaders

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