Transfer 1 and 2 Bible Study guides

I was talking with a fellow staff member some time ago about his son’s transition to college. He showed up at a freshman Bible study on campus. When his Bible study leader found out that he was a staff kid, he told him that he was probably going to find the study boring.

Wait a minute! Why should understanding God’s love and forgiveness, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and learning about the power to witness for Christ be boring? Can’t we teach the foundational messages of the Christian life in a way that exudes the power and adventure that is the Christian life? We all know how important it is to have a good foundation, whether it is for a building, physical or athletic stamina or a Biblical understanding. We must start with the proper foundation first. But honestly, most of us have a difficult time teaching the basics of the Christian life in a way that is not boring.

Dan Hardaway, Director of the Forerunner Project and Strategic Partnerships, lives in my neighborhood. We happened to ride into work together last week and he shared about a newly re-worked Bible study leaders guide for Transfer 1 and 2 to be handed out at the Christmas and Winter Conferences. These DVDs have been redone and repackaged in a way that make great content for use in your Bible studies. Dan told me about our partner’s vision behind TransferThePower. Dr. Bright told Tim Burke that God had raised him up to make the basics relevant for the MTV generation.

Others recognize the valuable resource that these can be. For example, at Sermon Spice, a site with illustrations for church pastors and speakers, the “Evangelism Linebacker” is the fourth most popular downloaded video at the time of this post.

Every one who attends a Christmas/Winter conference this year will receive this free 2 DVD set. Each 10-15 minute Bible study incorporates a video segment with student testimonies. The testimonies on Transfer 1 have been re-worked. You can visit TransferThePower to download more extensive studies or simply use these segments in your study or talk. For example, if you want a great illustration on forgiveness, pop in the Darrell Scott video. This father who lost a daughter in the Columbine shootings is very compelling.

Dan Hardaway has worked with our partners for two years. He says that the best part of this is the testimonies and the excellent study of God’s Word that these provide. They would love it if next year 2006 Bible studies would ground students in the basics in a fresh way. Wouldn’t it be cool if 10,000-15,000 students found these transferable concepts were alive? Imagine every freshman in a Bible study really understanding forgiveness, the power of the Holy Spirit and what it means to do evangelism with power and boldness. Gosh, what would that do to our ministries on our campuses?!


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