So why movies?

A question came up about why I wrote about two different movies this Fall in these Coaching Tips. With so many other strategies and resources, why focus on Hollywood productions?

While Rick and Will were home from college over Thanksgiving, several of our conversations were about movies. They mentioned various films they had seen or hoped to see. They talked about a film’s popularity, it’s relevance and values, and whether or not it was cool. Our boys are not that different than the vast majority of college students today. Students are media savvy, they stay current on what is hot and know what people are involved in. Film informs worldview more than we think. We all wish it were the Bible that held such sway, but let’s start with where people are.

I have been reading a book this year by Dr. Herbert Lockyer, “All the Parables of the Bible.” I am struck by how much he says that Jesus was responding to a current event or something very commonplace for His listeners. He spoke in the lingua franca of the day. Even His parables were stories about common things that captured people’s attention. So many people watched the movies “Titanic”, “Gladiator”, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Matrix”, etc. They contained themes of heroism, the battle between good and evil, sacrifice and even redemption. Our culture has made it easy for us to use themes from the movies that people know and can relate to.

Let us consider how we can use where people live to bridge to the wonderful Good News of Jesus Christ. And let’s pray that God gives us opportunities to have conversations with people who see “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” about the real Redeemer behind Aslan.


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