Top 10 Questions to ask a Key Leader about different campus communities.

10. Are you training your students to do evangelism and discipleship?

9. What are the “oikos” (structures) that you are a part of? (Where do you live? Where do you work? Who is in your classes? What leisure activities do you do?)

8. Do you have former high school friends on other campuses?

7. Who are the main influencers on the campus?

6. Would you consider reading more about ministry in other ethnic contexts?

5. Are other ethnic organizations doing some philanthropic event that you can encourage or participate in? (blood drive, food drive, etc.)

4. Can you put up Destino posters to raise awareness?

3. When you share your faith is it ever with a person of a different ethnicity?

2. What are some cultural celebrations or holidays coming up that you can attend with other student organizations? (LASA, HASA, MECHA, etc.)

1. What churches near the campus have students attend that are Hispanic, African American, etc.?


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