Co-Journers Training Series

Student ownership.

What does that mean? Is it students in charge of a meeting? How about students leading Bible studies? Or students doing evangelism? Yes. When we talk about student ownership, it must include student evangelism. And the Co-Journers evangelism training is great training for this generation of students.

The basic premise is that everyone is on a spiritual journey. Some are moving toward God, while others are moving away. We have the privilege of entering into a person’s spiritual journey and helping them come to Christ. That is what a CoJourner is, a person who travels with others spiritually, helping them come to Jesus. Along their journey we play four different roles:
Explorer – to discover where they are spiritually
Guide – to show them the way to Jesus
Builder – to provide bridges over the obstacles along the way
Mentor – to encourage them to continue on

There is no better way to involve incoming freshman in our mission than to take them through a training series for CoJourners found on GodSquad. Ben Rivera, master Bible study leader; Keith Davy, Director of Research and Development and the developer of the CoJourner concept and Jeff Bridgforth’s expert design and webmaster skills created this introduction. And here is the first week’s lesson for a taste of what they are like:

In the CoJourners Equipment Pack, four cards give motivation for us to join in another’s spiritual journey and there are four cards for each role to build the skills to Explore, Guide, Build and Mentor. All of these cards are available on line. But your students may find that they would like to purchase the Equipment Pack to make it easier. The staff price of $6.50 is available in the GodSquad Store. (for password, contact your director)

CoJourners is described as “a passionate and purposeful adventure in authentic relationships”. Quite frankly, sharing with our friends is often the most difficult evangelism that many of us do. These simple skills really help us to overcome the initial inertia and fear that we have in sharing with our friends. Why not consider asking everyone who leads a Bible study in your ministry to take a look at the introduction and week 1 page this week and then have them set aside time in their studies to do this training next week. And together, let us trust God that as we enter into their spiritual journey, many of our friends will move closer to the Lord.

Have a great week launching and resourcing new ministries.


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